Thursday, February 28, 2008


Here's an overview on the "business" side of the building. The east end is the office, studio, meeting area, and the beginning of the gallery.

On to the west end is the gallery aisle...I will admit I can't hang much on the south side (window side), but I'm still making use of the space, with picture lights and hanging work between each window.

The long tables in the center hold work as well as being used for possible gatherings. My intent has been to build a primitive style plank table for the center of the gallery aisle space...that will be a summer or fall project I suspect.

We have more display work to do also, more work for this spring or summer?

I love the sliding barn door we made to separate the gallery from the shop area! The space back there is still being worked on, but basically is the framing, mating, printing, storage, etc, space.

We still have to hang the light out front and build a small deck for easy access to the building. We want it to have decent steps and a wheel chair accessible ramp. It won't be a big deck, but is more for function of access since the east end of the building is a fairly hefty step up from the ground sloping down hill in front of the building. Another project for this spring; need to get the frost out of the ground here first!

We'll be working on all these small details as time allows and will announce our first open house down the road. Hope you can come!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Studio/Gallery (more shots)

Here's a couple more shots of the Studio/Gallery space. Georgie and I have already had a nice evening meal there (conference table), and found it to be a very pleasant place in the winter. I'm wondering how the heating/cooling system will handle the summer heat?

The couch is a good seating space in the front gallery for just relaxing or conversation. I'll admit to giving it the "nap test" yesterday...turned on a little low music, and the small worked great! (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)

I'll show you the rest of the gallery tomorrow, gotta get back to work here!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another Look...

Thank you to those giving encouragement after seeing the studio building for the first time since it became what it was built for. We're pretty excited too.

The office part won't be fully functional till frost is out of the ground...probably 4-5 weeks(?). We need to bring the internet service over to the building as I do a great deal of web and computer multi media work. If we went wireless from the house, we still would not get the cable part of our internet service, so a router and cable are in order...once that's in place then the office part of the studio will be fully functional. We've put a phone base in the house and can get calls out there...I'm not sure if it's optimal but have answered a couple calls out there already.

The studio is fully functional now, we just have to make the "artist" fully functional! Just kidding...well maybe not, but either way I have another contract which is being completed (soon I hope), before the studio will see "lots" of action.

Here's another shot without the "body" blocking the view. One thing you'll notice is the bright window light coming in. We will be putting shades on the windows...this is a good idea for many reasons (UV light on the printed work, glare when working, etc...) The winter sun angle is low and does enter the building and warms the floor...this is passive solar and does a very decent job of helping heat the building! In the summer the sun angle will be much higher...we'll see how much enters the low south window space or if the eaves overhang enough. These are issues created with the sheep/poultry building - lower windows and shorter walls make for interesting conditions.

This shot is a small conferencing setting for clients or brainstorming, discussing projects, etc.

I'll show more shots as I get them done - keep warm, Spring starts 3 weeks from this Thursday!

Monday, February 25, 2008


I would never claim to having vision of a "space". I would have made a horrible architect. I did work as a shop draftsman prior to winning my first lottery (drafted into the Army during 'Nam)...I drew all sorts of cabinet blueprints, but they were done from specific measurement requirements (dimensions).

Georgie has this gift of "vision"; she's always been able to see something dimensional in a space, before it actually became a reality. I stare blankly and just have to take her word for it. I'm nearsighted when it comes to "spacial imagination"! (I'd never make it as a 3 dimensional artist)

When we first moved here in 2002, we had this building we called the "Coup". It was slightly short of a disaster area inside. We later were told it had been a sheep barn since the mid 1950's and had 100 head in the building at one time. (it had been a poultry barn previous to that)

The roof rafters had been stuffed with straw and stapled over with a sort of "vinyl" material. This was a means of insulating the building...the north, east and west walls were boarded over with straw inside as well. Eventually the mice must've become a huge issue...they loved this many nice bedding choices! The inside took some doing to just get in! Eventually we cleaned up enough to store things inside.

But, as I said, Georgie has this gift. She suggested this could be a great studio, gallery, and shop space. I'm sure I looked at it like a deer in headlights. Over the next 4 years, we cleaned things up. I'd say she was right! I'll also say I felt like a deer in headlights once again after we got things moved over this blew me away! What can I say, she's got the gift and I feel blessed for her to share it with me!

I'll share the new studio/office/gallery/shop space with just the office though; we don't want to over do it!

Oh, we have some more work to do yet, painting walls and putting up shelving in the shop, putting shades on the windows, and some other things. But we beat the snowstorm (raging outside right now) and have the "bones" in place.

Meanwhile, Georgie is working in the house...its changing as I type. I don't suppose she's "seeing things" in there?!!

Friday, February 15, 2008


I must admit, I'm getting really giddy! I can't help means maybe I'll be painting again someday soon. It means I may not be tripping over myself every time I turn around in the studio or office. Maybe it means I'll be more productive? Hmmm, well the view and new digs will likely not help see a rise in production very markedly for a bit, but who knows?!

Georgie and I put up the shop door today...all we have to do now is put handles on it and trim the rail hardware a tad.

We're trimming the last of the windows tomorrow...and putting on all the outlet and switch covers. Oh, did I tell you?

The electrician has finished!!!! Oh happy days!!! Curt did a great job!

There are a few more things to work through, but I'm starting to get a little giddy!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Trim Progress

Georgie and I have finished the trim on the casement part of the windows this morning and are now onto other items for the moment.

I did want to give a note on the last blog installment...if you subscribe and get the blog via email, you'll have to click on the "Header/Title" to get the actual blog with attachments. That'll make more sense if you read the last sentence of yesterday's blog and went no further.

We're into winter here again...came in from the studio only to find the hot water pipes frozen! Weird huh?! We keep our faucets dripping in this weather but don't keep the hot water running all the time for obvious reasons! Well, guess we'll have to drip those too for the time being.

Stay warm!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

What's New?

Georgie and I are finally down to trim...well there is a little more work to be done, but when things get trimmed out it looks like progress is being made.

We finished putting up the ceiling fans and light, as well as the shop lights; now it'd be nice to know if they worked or not. Still no electrician.

We trimmed out 4 of the 5 windows and hopefully the rest will be done in the next day or two.

I am getting impatient to get back to work now. We have been working in the studio building since, well, quite a long time if you count last winter's inside work, and the past 5 years cleaning the place out! But I need to get back to work! I'm not getting any younger and the "artwork" has become a stepchild relegated to it's room.

I have been working every late afternoon through night hours on other freelance work, and one project that has been very enjoyable has been for "Watchable Wildlife" It has been very lengthy work but "different" for a change. And it got Georgie and I out into the prairies and marshes this past summer and fall. Great fun!

I will, someday, like to advertise the work we are doing and give Watchable Wildlife an introduction to friends I know will enjoy and appreciate what it will have to offer. For the time being I'd like to introduce a bit of summer into your winter days (it was 4 below here in the middle of the afternoon today)! And I'd like to make it a little "twisted fun"...check it out a little further, if you dare -