Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Good-bye September

The Late September Milky Way from Prairie Hill farm
photograph © Bruce A. Morrison
(click on image for a larger view) 

September is now just a memory...where did, August, July and June go - I have no clue!?! 

Did you have plans during this past summer, but "life and work" got in the way and now you find yourself once again saying to yourself "Well, maybe next year."?  This is becoming too common place for me these days!  Whew - there is not enough hours in a day or days in a year!

One thing I have wanted to get around to all summer was photographing the sky here at night.  The Milky Way is very visible here year around and when you step out on an evening when the moon is well past full and not up in the evening - the view can take your breath away!

Last night Georgie mentioned to me how bright the stars were and I decided to go have a look.  It was surprisingly good so I went over to the studio and got my big old Ash Zone VI tripod and DSLR camera and a flashlight and set it up for some shots.  Its a bit clumsy setting up in the dark but I finally managed and took some images of the Milky Way...it also surprised me how fast the heavenly bodies move (how fast the Earth rotates)...I had to keep adjusting my aim so I could stay with the subject.  The image above is one from last evening.

While I was taking photos in the dark I heard a very close and loud cracking noise.  First I though it sounded like a tree branch breaking but I thought the sound came from the direction of the barn so I turned the flashlight on and shined it on the barn roof where there were two pairs of eyes staring back at me!  Here were two Raccoons sitting watching me...as soon as I shown the light on them, one of them dove through a hole in the roof to inside the barn...looks like roof maintenance needs to trip into gear again!  They had to have gained access through the roof in the first place though as there's no openings around the ground level, nor broken or open windows...these things are great climbers.  Such is life out here.

I've been very busy getting ready for the Artisans Road Trip this coming weekend (October 5th and 6th).  We've been gearing up for it for...well, the past year!  We treat the road trip as a very big deal and the organization (of the Artisans Road Trip) is a year long endeavor - this is an event run by artists for artists, no small thing!  If you have time this weekend or want to make a weekend day trip through NW Iowa and enjoy the crisp autumn air, then the 2013 Artisans Road Trip is the perfect time out and about for you!

Our studio and the studio/galleries of 25 other artists will be open for visitors on Saturday (Oct 5) from 9 am through 5 pm and Sunday (Oct 6) from noon through 5 pm.  Enjoy some time out during A.R.T this fall!  Don't miss out this year!  

Be sure and stop by and say "Hi", enjoy a hot cup of cider and other good things, and see what I've been up to during the past year!

Hope to see you then!