Sunday, November 29, 2015

What's Ahead!

"Late Winter Afternoon - Woodland Edge"
photograph - © Bruce A. Morrison
(click on image for a larger view) 

Thought I'd post another image from last weekend's snowstorm - it was Saturday evening after we had shoveled and plowed out the acreage from under 12 inches of snow; I wanted to get out before it was too late for some photo opportunities in the "neighborhood" .  I walked up through some property I've had permission to "explore" and found after about 10-15 minutes that I really needed my snowshoes!  I managed to plow through drifts over to the creek's (Waterman Creek) edge from above.  The sun was already lower than I thought it'd be but the foreground being in shadow really didn't look so created an interesting "deep" woodland look -  like the dead of winter, so I went with it!  Hope you enjoy it!

Tomorrow and the next day are bringing more of the same precipitation.  They're promising 5-10 inches more snow but we'll see what shakes out.  Unfortunately they're also promising high winds, which will put the ca-bosh on  photos until the "dust" settles...time will tell I guess!  Either way, it looks like winter is here to stay for now.

Next weekend is bringing some things of interest as well - 2 weekend art exhibits and sales that I'll be participating in!

Each year the artists of this area get together for a Holiday Sale, and this year is no different - except - this year there are two events on the same weekend!

The first Holiday sale that I'm participating in is at Barb McGee's Gallery on Main Street in Peterson, Iowa. Barb will be holding her Holiday sale for several artists, I'm fortunate to be included again this year! The Holiday Open House will be held on Saturday December 5 from 9:00AM to 5P.M. and Sunday from Noon to 3PM.

Take some time and check out the artists represented at Barb McGee's Holiday Open House!

The second Holiday sale and exhibit I'm participating in is a new gallery in Lake Park, Iowa! This exhibit will be an Art and Fine Antique sale and is being held in the former Methodist Church building in Lake Park. This new gallery, the Systolic Studio, is holding this exhibit and sale, and it will have a host of top quality artists and artwork and antiques over a 3 day event! I am very proud to be included!
The event is inside and up the stairway on the west entrance and this exhibit and sale opens on Friday, December 4 from 3-8PM, again on Saturday December 5 from 10AM-6PM, and Sunday December 6 from 11AM-3PM; be sure and take it in - you'll be in for a real treat!

There's a lot  ahead but first of all - keep warm and enjoy the season!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Don't Blink!

"A Frosty Morning on Barry Creek"
photograph - © Bruce A. Morrison
(click on image for a larger view) 

This time a week ago it was a windy/rainy day, but the month had been very nice with plenty of Indian Summer weather...come Saturday it all changed!  But it was the perfect photo-storm opportunity!  Usually when blizzards come along, things are sewn up and buried for the duration, but this year was unseasonably warm and a large snowstorm on top of warm ground is quite different to see.

I've always lamented for winters with open water...streams flowing through a snow covered landscape are quite visually pleasing...much more so than frozen streams and bodies of water!  Well this first snow of the season was really quite perfect!  Well, OK...I'm no fan of driving in this stuff nor in shoveling out the home place after a storm like this (we had 12" in this one), but here was a new fallen snow on warm ground and streams still flowing relatively warm...their mist rising from the water surface; very pretty stuff going on!

We spent the morning digging out like everyone else but around 3 in the afternoon were able to get out and investigate the transformed landscape.  I drove about 3 miles to a place I've walked many times in past years...I soon realized I should have taken the snow shoes with me!  It was a tough trudge for about an 8th of a mile to Waterman Creek and the shoreline timber, where I took many pictures of snow laden cedars and Bur Oaks...every 10-15 minutes a Bald Eagle or two would cruise past me and I disturbed a few White-tail Deer bedded down for the was a fun time outside!

Later we drove over to Barry Creek just down the road from us.  I've done some photos and drawings of this little creek in the past. The day had gotten too late and the light was gone but I made a note to go back at first light.

The next morning was made to order...very slight breeze and anything in low lying areas was developing a nice frosty coating.  The creek had subtle drifting steam rising from the warm water reacting with the cold air...the shoreline was frosted and glowing in the first rays of sunlight!  Very pretty stuff :)

This was a lucky break for landscape photographers and artists, the kind that doesn't come around too often in this latitude...maybe we'll get lucky again soon?  One can only hope; but on thing is sure - don't blink, you might miss out!