Sunday, January 12, 2020

Catching Up Again...

"House Finch in Snowfall"
(photograph - © Bruce A. Morrison)

Well now...we're nearly in the middle of January!  Things have been mostly digging out of the piles I left for later, these past couple of years, while I worked to put together the solo showing this past fall and winter at the Pearson Lakes Art Center. 

And the pile has been substantial!  

I have always had a slight issue with "putting things off"...especially when I have other things on my mind.  That's not so unusual is it?  I think a lot of us have the same problem.  My neglected work just happened to be a couple years or more worth of image files that had yet to be processed and filed.  That may not sound like a lot but believe me it is a real "time killer"!  I am now down to my last 30 folders of thousands of shots of birds, prairie plants, landscapes and other images I've taken in the past year.  I'm slowly making progress, I think...

But its a good time to take care of these things isn't it?  I mean its really crappy outside right now - bitterly cold and really not that visually interesting..."here" any way!  But while I sit here doing my computer house cleaning, I keep coming across files that really stop me and get me thinking...gee, that would make a great drawing or painting...or maybe that file should be marked for more work as a photograph?!  It's aggravating to not readily afford to take time out to just do these things!  If I did, I'd still be back in my 2017-2018 folders and putting off the inevitable!

So in the meantime I have rehung the gallery here, am finding work for clients searching for that something special they were looking for, practically nailed to my seat in front of the computer, and constantly being distracted by things outside my office window...doesn't really seem like much has changed!!!!!!!  Ha!

Well enough said.  If you wonder where I'm at - I'm here "catching up"!

Have a great winter and stay safe and warm out there!