Saturday, January 9, 2021


The year has started out quite pleasant...not great for driving I'm sure, but the cold foggy mornings have brought pleasant tapestry everywhere.  Its been a mild winter so far.

As far as critters visiting each day, we've had the usual Opossums and Raccoons at the bird feeders during the night and a flush of American Goldfinches, House Finches and a good crop of Purple Finches from up north.  Our Juncos all seemed to have moved south on the heels of the blizzard a couple weeks back and occasionally we still see a Tree Sparrow or two, which is unusual as most winters they tend to stay in good numbers through at least February or March.

Northern Bobwhite Quail
(photograph - © Bruce A. Morrison)

We have had one unusual visitor and I suspect is is an escapee from someone's pen.  We had a Northern Bobwhite for a few days!  It was very skittish and a loner so I don't have much hope for it surviving around here...we have lots of hungry Coyotes, Owls and hawks!  We had a Northern Bobwhite show up here in the valley about 18 years ago too, so this has been fun to see!

A bit of a rush this past Christmas in the studio, some last minute orders and a very slow postal service for shipping anything!  It makes it a bit hectic getting materials and supplies on time for clients!  But we got through it and now settling in for the winter.

I usually try and write a positive blog...I'm struggling with this one...even what to say.

We all witnessed January 6th.  I'm struggling to understand why some seem to think it was no big deal.  I'm struggling to understand why some of our legislators swore an oath to the Constitution, yet are loathe to carry it out.  I'm struggling to understand why people I thought were intelligent, believe anything a classic narcissist says. And I struggle to understand why we can't work together for the common good and benefit of one another.  

I truly hope that this nation can pull together, quit finger pointing, quit crying wolf and be good to one another.  Love thy neighbor as thy self - haven't we learned this yet?

Take care and cherish your family and friends.  I'll say it again - please be good to one another.