Friday, December 23, 2022

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Pre-Blizzard Sun Dogs from our lane (photograph - © Bruce A. Morrison)

It's almost Christmas and I just wanted to take a moment and wish everyone the best this season!  Unfortunately for many it is also bad weather timing!  We have a really nasty blizzard here as I type...started yesterday and is still going strong here this late afternoon.  Visibility can be measured in "Feet" here right is insane.

Yesterday morning when the above photo was taken, it was 18 below zero with a near 50 below zero windchill.  It was just kicking up the wind when this was taken.


Sun Dogs at full arc over the barn (photograph - © Bruce A. Morrison)

The next photo was taken this morning at about a quarter to ten...I was out trying to start the pickup/plow and saw the arc...WHOA!  I ran into the studio and grabbed the camera.  I backed up as far as I could up the lane past the barn but ran up against some very high drifts and the studio orchard fence...this was as much as I could manage in one shot.  

It is only the second full arc sun dog I have ever witnessed.  I took another very similar image of the first one here a few years back.  The snow was beginning to kick up so bad that I was lucky I spotted it before the winds just blotted it out!  It's been a terrible afternoon - much worse than yesterday.

The county plows have been pulled off the roads the past two days...we'll see what tomorrow brings.

At any rate - Be safe out there.  Stay inside and off the roads until the plows get a chance to catch up.  Please make this a safe and Blessed Christmas for you and your familiy.

Merry Christmas!