Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Daybreak - Southwest Corner Fence Line"
oil on mounted canvas - 10.25X24" - © Bruce A. Morrison
(Click on image for a larger view) 

This is a busy time of the year for me in the studio.  I've been painting, drawing and framing all winter long!  I have another solo exhibit coming up this April so I've been hustling as fast as I can...and I'm really not that fast!

The exhibit will be at the Witter Gallery in Storm Lake, a nice facility, but with a lot of wall space to fill up!  What prompted me to exhibit two one man shows in less than a year I'll never know but guess I'll file that away as a year of insanity or something like that!

I don't usually paint much larger than 12X16...I'm usually of the mindset that I like to keep things moving along and going larger tends to really slow me down...but this painting's idea was hatched clear last August and I had to finally take it on or give it up as a lost memory...I'm happy I did it.  I've never painted a sunrise before...the idea of a sunrise wasn't what prompted this piece though, it was "daybreak", that time when things are still quiet yet awakening...the dew is heavy in the pastures and the birds are stirring in the trees and prairie grass.  The sky is lovely with promise for a very short time, then the day is off and running - all pretense of calm has gone for the next 16 hours or so!

"Daybreak - Southwest Corner Fence Line" is a 10.25X24" oil painting still very wet on the easel...Georgie's first words were "I can take a walk through this one!".  I like that, I've walked through this myself for months now and I feel pretty familiar with this old dirt road!  Put April on your calendar for a trip to Storm Lake this April and talk a stroll down this road and many other paintings, drawings and photographs - many that have not been exhibited before!  More information on the Witter exhibit will follow in future blogs.

I think I need to find another spot to stroll for a while...happy Valentines Day coming up if I don't see ya before then!