Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Where'd it go? Did you get it?!!

 (Pasture Sunrise - © Bruce A. Morrison)

OK...maybe the heading is over doing it, but what happened to Indian summer this fall???  I have never seen or been through an autumn season without an Indian Summer day.  Did you get lucky?  If you live south, east or west of us you likely did - I hope so!  What a sad state of Indian Summer day this year.  

In case you don't observe these things or think about them...I've always considered a day, after the first killing frost, that reaches above 60 degrees F an Indian Summer day.  Never made it this year and I'm not being too optimistic that it will happen yet.  (I'm saying this out loud to "dare" it to happen!!!)

Its been about 6 weeks or so since my solo Exhibit "Of Moment and Place" opened at the Pearson Lakes Art Center in Okoboji, Iowa (You can read more about it here in the Discover Magazine article - "Of Moment and Place") and I am finally back on the ground here at the studio - trying to catch up with everything that sat by the way side for the past year and a half while I was trying to put this exhibit together!  

It was an over whelming experience...I have found that I can write better about how things affect me more so than I can verbalize!  Again, I was just over whelmed by it all and although the exhibit runs through into the first week of January, I'm relieved the opening night reception has passed! But it was an amazing experience and I want to thank everyone who came...I met some really nice new people as well as all my friends and collectors who came as well!

I was very honored that the Pearson Lakes Art Center also purchased a couple paintings for their permanent collection - this painting above "Mid Day Summer on Diamond Lake" and the painting below "Windrows in Cloud Shadow".  Thank you so much to the PLAC for having the confidence in me, not just for allowing me to exhibit there for 3 months but to include a couple of my paintings in their own collection!

I would also like to thank the many collectors for allowing me to borrow works back to help make this a truly cohesive collection for people to see all together.  I am in your debt and appreciate your gesture (and confidence in me) more than I can express!

Here are just a few more images of the show. As I mentioned before - the show runs till January 4th, 2020 - so if you missed it you still do have time to take it in!

Thank you for visiting the blog as well - and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there if I don't see you before then - have a Blessed time with your family and/or friends!