Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Morning

"Summer Morning" - oil painting (12X24")
© Bruce A. Morrison
(click on image for a larger view)

Yesterday was a typical summer morning.  The low lying mist wasn't as heavy as usual, but the dew point was a tad lower than in recent weeks, and thank goodness it was cool for a change.  One thing hadn't changed - the blackflies were insane (some call them buffalo gnats or biting gnats).  Why is something always there to put a bur in the moment (?) - I don't know, I just try to adapt.  I've taken to wearing bug netting over my head...I don't think I'll post a picture of that, it looks weird and undignified.  But the bugs are the rulers of their kingdom and when you step outside you're fair game!

What was exceptional that morning was the air...still as...well, more than a whisper.  Early light was wonderful, something you carry and remember months later when you're house bound.  I don't know if I came away with anything that memorable "visually speaking", but I still hear the birds singing...a Grasshopper Sparrow stands out, I haven't had the privilege in some time!

I try and keep these moments in a place for future keeping and the oil painting above is one example.  It still sits drying on the easel here a few feet away, and I can yet see that morning and hear the birds.  

"Summer Morning" - oil pastel "study" (6X12")
© Bruce A. Morrison
(click on image for a larger view)

I had wanted to attempt this piece for some time, waiting for other committed work to be completed.  I finally did a smaller (6X12") oil pastel 2-3 months back; I treat smaller studies like you would test the water with a toe or hand before jumping in.  It seemed right and now the experience is behind me and I'm looking forward to another! 

This morning the wind whips across the'd be a decent day to work through more commitments here in the studio; nothing is more distracting than a summer gale on the prairie!  I might just reflect back on more past walks down the valley...step down to the creek and test the water...

Friday, July 5, 2013

Close to Home

"Waterman Morning"
photograph © Bruce A. Morrison
(click on image for a larger view) 

Its interesting how we often over look things that are closer to home. I know, as a kid I always thought things were much cooler out down the railroad tracks a few miles west of town.  I'd go down that path every chance I had; I eventually found out I'd been walking right past all sorts of hidden treasure and adventure...some even in my own backyard!

Nothing has changed, but I do consider my own backyard as something of a larger scale than when I was a young person.  I generally don't tend to wander that far on a daily basis because I'm constantly finding things in my own "back yard" that are stirring and new. 

A couple mornings back I found This wonderful landscape in the early morning light, just a hop, skip and a jump from my very back door.  This is Waterman Creek of course and it never ceases to amaze me how beautiful it is close up...and even closer to home!