Friday, March 21, 2008

Isn't it Great!

The Vernal Equinox finally made it yesterday! I've been telling Georgie for weeks and weeks that it was coming!

Yesterday wasn't just the first day of spring, it was also the first "operative" day in the new studio building. The service provider came out and hooked me up wireless to the system in the studio, so now I'm at work once again.

I kiddingly like to regard "signs" as things of importance. Once we had the internet up in the studio yesterday I checked my business email and found I'd just sold a couple big is that a good sign or what!? I thought so. The day we moved all the furniture into the building a few weeks back we had good signs too...our first Robin of the year was spotted out the gallery windows and a mature Bald Eagle out the front windows! I thought that was a good sign too!

Its fairly gray and chilly out today but I'm still feeling pretty good about whats going on around us here; the birds are singing and geese are flying up the valley in large flocks, and the Great Blue Herons have returned to the rookery in the valley across the creek from us.

The "Immature American Robin" pencil study above is indicative of a new year of life beginning. I haven't carried that study any further yet but maybe it'll see new life this spring or summer?