Thursday, May 10, 2018

That's More Like It!

 Our Spring Birds! 
(composite - color pencil drawings)
© Bruce A. Morrison
click on image for a larger view

Wow, its just been over a month since my last blog entry and I have to say "That's more like it!"  We had snow every week in April here with a couple blizzards and weeks with more than one storm - we're finally out of the snow!

And once the snow stopped, our favorite birds started pouring in and making an appearance!  Some will be leaving soon on their migration further north but the majority will be staying the summer or are our year-round friends.  Got to LOVE the Birds!

"The Forgotten Bale"
oil panting - © Bruce A. Morrison
click on image for a larger view

I have also been painting in the studio but it has gotten very hard now that the sun is shinning and the birds are singing.  This painting is a little different for me, its a late autumn scene and the leaves are done turning yet the native grasses on the hillside are still quite vibrant yellow with hints of orange.  The lighting is flat and contrasty with the late afternoon fall sun.  The fields have been mowed with stubble still affording the wildlife some cover and forage; and a bale lies forgotten before the winter's first snow arrives.

I need to switch gears and get back to the greens of spring and summer ahead!

Ya this is more like it!