Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Thanksgiving Time All Around


"Autumn in the Waterman Valley" photo - ©Bruce A. Morrison

It has been a hard year for many; continues to be so for the planet - yet I want to be thankful for what blessings our family has received...not just this year but throughout our lives.

Firstly I am thankful for my life, my family my friends and neighbors...for this place that we were brought to over 20 years ago now.  Georgie never liked uneven years; although I never gave it much thought, I don't think she was far off on this one.  But although we lost loved ones, or suffered some hardships, we are so thankful for every blessing!  We have no guarantees in this life, but I am grateful everyday for taking breath and witnessing the beauty of it all!

I have been absent from the blog since mid-summer; I will throw in a smattering of what keeps our spirits going, with a few descriptions where warranted.  Happy Thanksgiving to each of you out there!

Bumble Bees and Tree Crickets enjoyed our pasture in late summer as much as we did!  


The Monarch roosts returned in late August.
Bald Eagle activity always picks up here beginning in late summer - this one in the yard!
Drought still a concern in September as the Waterman quit flowing again this year...


The trail camera watches all the traffic passing the barn at night.
Things change, and then change again - this was fleeting - gone now.


Lots of friends return or pop by for a visit! 

Georgie and I were able to burn the south pasture for the first time in 3-4 years due to an amazing rain event that lasted about 3 days!  I hope to plant seed I've been collecting for the past month or more...waiting for a "lasting" winter event before seeding that pasture.

The Waterman is flowing once more but is still in need of a return to normal rainfall.

So much has been put to bed here and just awaiting winter.

I hope this finds you and yours well - ready for a celebratory Thanksgiving feast or just a grateful break to reflect on what is good and welcome in your lives.

Think about those things - this world cannot exist unless we are good to one another.  Isn't that what life is about?  There is no "them" and "us"...we are all of one family.  There are no "scores" to be kept nor settled, no "even" to be gotten.  Ponder the good in your lives and spread it out to those in need - they are your brothers and sisters...we are all one...

...Being Thankful.


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