Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Earth Day 2020...Make Your "Earth Vision" 2020 As Well!

Photograph - © Bruce A. Morrison

Its Earth Day today - the 50th year that folks have been trying to remind others of the importance of the well being of our planet home.  Its a tricky year and time to remind anyone that they need to take care of the nest we're all inhabiting. 

The current opening of public lands for mining or drilling, proposed withdrawals of environmental protections such as the National Environmental Policy Act, stifling the input of biologists and experts in the sciences, allowing a step "back" of water and air quality rules...even regulations pertaining to mercury; its a dark time indeed.

But there are still people and non-profits working right now to keep the short term profit industries and interests from defiling our home - but they need your support!  If you cannot afford to join the many good organizations out there working to keep our natural heritage safe for our grand children - speak out!  Look into the records of your elected officials - their records supporting a safe and healthy environment, and vote accordingly; and let them know you will do so!

While so many are spending their time trying to find interesting things to keep them occupied...isn't it a good time to hold people accountable for not keeping your best interests in mind?  Isn't it a good time to take the kids outside and even just explore their listen to the birds, catch some insects...see that there is something tangibly wonderful about creation!

Take in Spring; breathe in the gift of the natural world that still exists around you...even the small pockets are wonderful.  Be engaged in your world or it will be lost to the short term greed of a very small few.  This Earth is your home and the Earth needs a good steward - treat it like family, after all you were born from it and are kin to it.  Think of it as "that" each day and you will find your love for the natural world around you becomes more important throughout the year.

Stay safe and be good to one another...the Earth too!

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