Friday, October 19, 2018

Who Needs the Stink'n Grid?!

Been off the internet "grid" in a couple ways lately – one way – Good! In another way...ugh...annoying. I'll get the annoying part out of the way – we've been without internet service for about 7 days this month...maybe more, don't know because we were also gone on vacation a week this month too – a Good thing!

We spent a week up along the north shore of Lake Superior, visiting old haunts and enjoying the beautiful autumn colors. We built a small cabin on the shore of Lake Superior nearly 35 years ago, enjoyed 18 summers and a few off seasons there and loved it very much. But things change – usually beyond our control, and we sold our small north shore paradise and luckily found a new retreat on the prairie to call home year-round. But it had been 16 years since last visiting NE Minnesota and it was a good return visit.

Sometimes you really can't “go back”, things change, situations know what I mean. But even though the weather was mostly gray and wet, it was a pleasant reunion with the natural surroundings...I'll leave you with a small sampling of our “Good” internet free week!

Cascade River Falls - photograph ©Bruce A. Morrison
Lake Superior and the distant Sawtooth Range
west of Grand Marais
photograph ©Bruce A. Morrison

 Grand Marais harbor 
photograph ©Bruce A. Morrison

Pincushion Mtn overlook above Grand Marais
photograph ©Bruce A. Morrison

 Along the Kadunce River canyons - photograph ©Bruce A. Morrison

Along the Flute Reed River - photograph ©Bruce A. Morrison

The Moose Valley Road - photograph ©Bruce A. Morrison

Mt. Josephine and Hat Point - photograph ©Bruce A. Morrison

 Teal Lake - photograph ©Bruce A. Morrison

The Pigeon River - photograph ©Bruce A. Morrison

The High Falls on the Pigeon River- photograph ©Bruce A. Morrison

 Lutsen Mountain color - photograph ©Bruce A. Morrison

  Along the Sawbill Trail - photograph ©Bruce A. Morrison

 Back country marshy stream - photograph ©Bruce A. Morrison

East branch of the Baptism River - photograph ©Bruce A. Morrison

 West branch of the Baptism River - photograph ©Bruce A. Morrison

And now that we're back I had better get back to work - I've got a lot of unfinished business here...unfinished paintings and half formed ideas stuck in my head that need to be released before they disappear.  But I feel renewed, like after visiting with old friends I haven't seen in a long, long while.  

Now waiting for my internet service to be restored...if you see this you'll know I'm least for a moment...

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