Saturday, July 24, 2010

July In The Valley

"July In The Valley"
6X8" oil on mounted canvas
(click on image for a larger view)

July in the valley...I could really get nostalgic about it.  If there were something to hold you through the winter months, one thing would be July in the valley here.

This afternoon the clouds were just wonderful...why should I sound surprised- they always are!  I was able to do a small plein air study from the yard - looking east across the valley here.  Nothing spectacular like a mountain vista but just as pretty in my eyes.  Just as moving in my mind.  Just as perfect a day as there ever was.  I'm looking at this study as a larger finished painting sometime down the road.

Georgie and I sat out on the studio deck late this afternoon after I had finished painting and she had finished with a day of garden work and weeding...and enjoyed a couple beers...the view...and July in the valley...


Barb said...

It was a grand afternoon and it is a grand painting, way to go Bruce!!!


Prairie Painter said...

Thanks Barb!