Friday, June 25, 2010

After the Solstice

 Prairie Phlox and American Vetch
(Phlox pilosa and Vicia americana)
Summer is truly here to stay and so much is going on that I'd like to run some where and hide for 3 months!  Way too much to see yet so many conflicts and little time to take advantage of things on the prairie.  I'm very fortunate to have some native pasture here to walk through at almost a moments notice...that is my "sanity buffer" I guess!

Our Prairie Phlox is nearly finished here; with the warm (hot) weather, things seem to progress faster. I like it for it's early stark contrast of color against the grasses.  We've never had a lot and that's something I need to work on.  (I'll put it on that very long to-do list.)

 Common Milkweed
(Asclepias syriaca)

One thing we do have plenty of (and so does everyone in the neighborhood) is Common Milkweed.  But I like it.  Although I will thin larger stands, I do not eradicate it because it is a good host plant for Monarchs and Milkweed Tiger Moths.  Last year one evening I also discovered that the Ruby-throated Hummingbirds even feed from the plant's flowers!  Never seen that before so was very surprised!  All the Asclepias family (milkweeds) have amazing flowers...get up close and see for yourself!

Let's see...what's next on that list...?

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