Sunday, November 4, 2007

East Side Story

The east side of the studio building was "Typared", "Windowed, and "Doored" today. (Please forgive my new version of proper grammar.) I'm finding it hard to do the blog because I'm spent.

We started around 8 a.m. and worked through 5:45 breaks or stopping. Too many things to work through and wanted the typar to be on before morning as we're not into high winds and hanging light weight sails in a gale.

First we got the siding off in fairly good order...Georgie doing the removal work and I trying to stack it in a sequence that we could later reverse when re-applying. The old building looked like an old reptile that had just shed it's skin!

Once we exposed the outer planking we removed an old loft door, that had been covered for many years by the siding. From the inside, it was really obvious to us both that this old loft door space would have made the coolest window over the doorway! But, it's no time to throw the project behind by weeks waiting to get a custom window made and put in! So back to the original plan...we're taking that door inside and reapplying it where it will stay...on the inside wall.

The typar work took some doing and the wind had come up more than was helpful, but we finally got it finished and then got the windows in.

We just started re-applying the siding when it just got too dark to see what was going on...goodbye daylight savings time...more work tomorrow!

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