Sunday, March 11, 2007

What - me blog?

Never gave a lot of thought to doing a blog! As some of you may know I have published a web journal "A Tallgrass Journal" for some years now, relating to the Tallgrass Prairie and our own efforts to restore a prairie remnant on which we live. But "A Tallgrass Journal" is only a quarterly journal; life gets in the way of making it more frequent.

I've been a painter and natural history photographer for well over 30 years, and developed a business website ( as many, many other artists have - but I am seeing something I've overlooked! I have seen that artists can involve or share their efforts on a much more interesting level than just through introductions on a static website. I've witnessed how blogs are a very good tool for feedback, and for keeping friends, art collectors, and other artists informed on what directions the blog artist is taking, how they are formulating their ideas, their approach to the medium and the subject can bring an active involvement for everyone.

I am going to try and share the prairie and other natural heritage subject matter through my artwork and my photography. You may get a bit of personal involvement in the Prairie, but I want the creative process to rule this blog; the "subject matter" matters however!!

Like anyone beginning a process, this may take some getting use to but I hope it will be a good experience for everyone!

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