Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Trusses Up!

Boy is this ever going quickly! The trusses are now all up and they are ready to receive the roofing now. Keep in mind when you see the photos, that this is a steel roof! No shingles here...keeping the economy and maintaining an agricultural base to the theme of the building...it was a livestock building for 80 years.

The trusses are scissor trusses, to maintain the original open ceiling effect, and to give the space a little more visual room.

These trusses have what they call an "energy heel"...I'm not completely sure what that is all about but you can see the heel placed on the top plate does keep the interior of the trusses further inside the building...maybe this helps insulate the roof better. (The trusses will have insulation blown into them later in the construction process.)

It's cool to begin to see the effect of the overhangs and to visualize the finished roof...we're getting close fast!

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