Sunday, October 28, 2007

One Down, 3 to Go

We are so tired we don't know which way is up...we finished the busiest/hardest (?) side today, the 5 windows and the south side of the building.

We Typared the south side of the building before the wind bucked up on us...good thing as I don't think we were up to wrestling large sheets in the wind. It went reasonably well I think. Then we set the windows and caulked and screwed them in. The windows look very's an odd view standing near them as they are set below the top plate (for structural reasons), but seated nearby, it's a pleasant view at that. The top plate on the building is fairly was a building for poultry and sheep, not's that type of charm that makes this building interesting and fun to work with!

After all 5 windows were set, we began the very unenviable task of piecing the puzzle of the siding back together...this took virtually most of the day. But we managed as best we could. There wasn't enough to recover this wall because there were some sheep/poultry doors and a grain door there that we covered too. But we found enough "parts" in the back shed to cover it. The grain door will be reattached outside, but we have to make some new trim pieces for it. We also have to trim around the window yet too...we'll have to cut trim from the plank stock we recovered/salvaged from the roof.

The building won't be painted this's too late in the season here temperature wise...we'll wait for spring. In the meantime the siding will look it needs to be painted!

(A post correction here - we did get it painted! We'll likely have to paint again this spring or summer though.)

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