Friday, October 5, 2007

Studio/Gallery Work Begins (again)

I'll be working on the Studio Gallery for several months, and it will definitely be cutting into my painting and photography, but I'll still try and take advantage of any art opportunities I can.

We've been trying to get construction of the Studio/Gallery off the ground for several months now, first by removing the huge old tree hanging over it, then by getting electricity over to it. Now this week our contractor said they would finally be getting over to install a new truss system and roof.

Georgie is the hardest worker for this job!

Georgie and I want to salvage the lumber from the old roof...we'll use the 2X4's for the new ceiling work, we'll use the boards for the plank flooring in the studio. But we have to salvage it ourselves...the contractor will just bust through and remove it otherwise.

We have to get the work done now regardless of the weather...we covered much of the inside with plastic sheathing...the tools, etc...

This is me working! Me and my shadow...

Now we attack the shingles and expose the inside to the rain to come. It's forecasted to rain Sunday, so here we go.

We finished nearly a third of the shingle removal today, and feel like it! Ugh! I think we need to be put in traction!

Tomorrow we will be at the Swan Lake Nature Center, in Carroll, IA for my art exhibit which officially opens then. (Thank goodness for the day off tearing shingles up!!!)

The exhibit will be there until mid November.

Wish us luck and stop by if you get into the urge for destruction!

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