Thursday, October 25, 2007

Looking Good

The soffits were put on today and even the weather vane heron returned to it's former perch on top. We're very happy to have gotten to this stage so quickly and without rain!

The contractor just has a small bit of bracing to do inside and then we're on our own again until the electrician returns to wire the building.

Our next step is one that neither Georgie or I are looking forward to but we gotta grin and bear it. We have to frame in the spots for all 9 windows, and the front door...then we have to take off all the siding...then we have to wrap the building with Typar...then we have to install the windows...then we have to re-apply the siding...then we have to put up some trim boards to cover the areas under the soffits. That's when we call the electrician for the wiring work (and we'll have a slight breather I hope!).

Wish us luck and no rain!

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