Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Back At It

Well, actually we never left it...this is just two days of progress wrapped into one report.

We finished the north side of the studio building today. I think "finished" is relative, we really still have to trim in the windows and the top of the outside wall against the soffit. We also had to remove two old ventilation hoods...although we filled them in and they're covered with typar, we still have to come up with some siding scraps to patch the holes.

But "finished" means we're done messing with the "big picture" there. The windows sure look nice...it's a relief having them in.

Only 2 more windows to go, and the front door...as far as framing in is concerned. The real issue we'd like to space off mentally and physically, is the removal, and then replacement, of all that dang siding! It's a pain to remove, so as not to cause too much damage...then when you do have damage, trying to let it go...next spring we'll have a lot of damage repair and then painting to do...getting too late to do it now.

Onward and upward...

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