Sunday, October 14, 2007

Blue Loaf...Lord Have Mercy

We have a huge blue loaf looming over us now. It's unnerving to just keeps poofing up and threatening to leave the premises!

We finished de-boarding the roof yesterday. De-boarding is probably another spell check mystery. Regardless, that's what we did and then came the worst afternoon of octopus wrestling we have ever encountered.

We have another weekend of rain. Wish it would just be crisp, clear, dry and beautiful, as I remember Octobers of many years past! No, it's been wet and windy for the most least 2-3 days each week...usually the weekend.

We had to tarp the building; it's open now - the whole thing, and we have to try and minimize damage as best we can.

Our tarp is 38'X59'. It is too much for just two people to handle! It is too much for four people to handle in a brisk wind!!!

The future studio sits near the top of an exposed hill in open country. The building faces east /southeast. The wind was out of the east/southeast yesterday, was rushing up the hillside as usual. It was a nightmare.

Poor Georgie struggled to hang onto the west end of the tarp on the west peak. I ran around like a crazed person trying to hang onto the windward side for dear life. Each time I'd try and let go of one section to grab another, it'd lift high and fold up over Georgie. I heard Georgie yelling for 3-4 hours, but I couldn't understand a word, it was not a pleasant afternoon.

Georgie's busy cooking in the kitchen today, she still loves's a miracle!

It rained another 7/10th's of an inch last night, the tarp held and we did cleanup inside this morning. We tensely wait now. Neither of us want to revisit the monster. It's raising it's ugly head outside across the yard now. It's unnerving.

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