Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Artisans Road Trip!

The 2007 Artisans Road Trip (A.R.T.) is coming up this weekend, October 13-14. For you who do not know, this event is an open studio event in the NW Iowa region.

I will not be taking part in this year's A.R.T. event. We had to take a couple years off to make the Prairie Hill Farm Studio a reality. Unfortunately this precluded the ability to gear up and get a show going for A.R.T.

I am still active on the sidelines for A.R.T., as the event webmaster. You can learn all about the 2007 Artisans Road Trip at http://www.artisansroadtrip.com

The event, in it's 4th consecutive year, has a good track record going for fair fall weather; check it out and enjoy the weekend touring A.R.T.!!!

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