Saturday, October 27, 2007

On Our Own Again

Well we're on our own again. The contractor has left for greener pastures and Georgie and I are off and running once more.

Left to Right - Bob and Jesse our Contractors for the roof

We were very happy with the work of the contractors Jesse and Bob, of Jesse Grady Construction. These guys just jump in and do fiddling around ! We were amazed with what they got through each day...wish we could hang onto them longer to get the stuff taken care of that we're now doing ourselves again! But back to reality here.

We tore into the window framing on the south side of the building yesterday and finished up today. We had to frame in 5 windows, but not install yet...

...we then had to finish planking the walls around the work. Tomorrow we'll apply the Typar (house wrap), then we'll install the windows. (We're only working on one side at a time so will be overlapping the Typar around the corners quite a bit to keep a good barrier.)

One look at the picture of a wall section above and you'll understand why we need a house wrap under our siding! This 80 year old building has nothing to stop the weather from penetrating the future walls of insulation...inviting disaster. We've got knot holes and cracks everywhere! The former tar paper had deteriorated badly over the wrap will give an effective moisture and air barrier...yet let the walls breathe.

Our time is eroding on us so we have to hustle...catch you later!

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