Thursday, February 28, 2008


Here's an overview on the "business" side of the building. The east end is the office, studio, meeting area, and the beginning of the gallery.

On to the west end is the gallery aisle...I will admit I can't hang much on the south side (window side), but I'm still making use of the space, with picture lights and hanging work between each window.

The long tables in the center hold work as well as being used for possible gatherings. My intent has been to build a primitive style plank table for the center of the gallery aisle space...that will be a summer or fall project I suspect.

We have more display work to do also, more work for this spring or summer?

I love the sliding barn door we made to separate the gallery from the shop area! The space back there is still being worked on, but basically is the framing, mating, printing, storage, etc, space.

We still have to hang the light out front and build a small deck for easy access to the building. We want it to have decent steps and a wheel chair accessible ramp. It won't be a big deck, but is more for function of access since the east end of the building is a fairly hefty step up from the ground sloping down hill in front of the building. Another project for this spring; need to get the frost out of the ground here first!

We'll be working on all these small details as time allows and will announce our first open house down the road. Hope you can come!


Mona Majorowicz said...

Hey Bruce,

Barb McGee mentioned you had completed your studio. So I popped over to your blog to check it out. Absoloutly stunning! Congrats on such a gorgeous space and the dedication to getting it completed.

Prairie Painter said...

Thank you Mona, sure has been a process!