Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another Look...

Thank you to those giving encouragement after seeing the studio building for the first time since it became what it was built for. We're pretty excited too.

The office part won't be fully functional till frost is out of the ground...probably 4-5 weeks(?). We need to bring the internet service over to the building as I do a great deal of web and computer multi media work. If we went wireless from the house, we still would not get the cable part of our internet service, so a router and cable are in order...once that's in place then the office part of the studio will be fully functional. We've put a phone base in the house and can get calls out there...I'm not sure if it's optimal but have answered a couple calls out there already.

The studio is fully functional now, we just have to make the "artist" fully functional! Just kidding...well maybe not, but either way I have another contract which is being completed (soon I hope), before the studio will see "lots" of action.

Here's another shot without the "body" blocking the view. One thing you'll notice is the bright window light coming in. We will be putting shades on the windows...this is a good idea for many reasons (UV light on the printed work, glare when working, etc...) The winter sun angle is low and does enter the building and warms the floor...this is passive solar and does a very decent job of helping heat the building! In the summer the sun angle will be much higher...we'll see how much enters the low south window space or if the eaves overhang enough. These are issues created with the sheep/poultry building - lower windows and shorter walls make for interesting conditions.

This shot is a small conferencing setting for clients or brainstorming, discussing projects, etc.

I'll show more shots as I get them done - keep warm, Spring starts 3 weeks from this Thursday!

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