Sunday, August 26, 2007

Late Summer on the Tallgrass

This time of the year on the prairie here is sublime, yet I do ponder the rush into autumn that seems to be steaming our way!

There's a great deal going on in the north pasture, and in many other prairies we've been visiting the past couple weeks. We've been filming the prairies here and there in our corner of the state and they all have the same residents and forbs (wild flowers) celebrating their time in the sun.

Liatris punctata with a Common Sulphur

One August prairie forb that has to be a favorite here is the Dotted Liatris (Liatris punctata). It covers the gravelly hilltops here and at several state preserves and prairie areas. It compliments the Western Wheat grass that drifts up our slopes, peeking out and rising above in the crest of drying grasses.

We're also very fond of the insects that work the liatris like iron filings to a magnet - the butterflies, moths, and bees!

I love photographing insects...why, I suppose there's several reasons. But with butterflies, it's obvious. They are quite beautiful and fleeting; as are the flowers of the tallgrass.

Take in the natural areas and enjoy the late summer days!

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