Sunday, August 5, 2007

Again - A Prairie Pothole

As mentioned previously, I'm rather enamored with prairie potholes in our region of the country. There are far more in Minnesota than NW Iowa, but I'm still grateful we have what we have managed to save from the field tile.

"Summer Afternoon - West of Spring Run"
9"X12" oil on Canvas

The skies are so fleeting and hard to seize into memory...sometimes I do better than others. I choose to let the sky dominate this 9X12 oil study of a wetland just west of Spring Run in Dickinson County. I may try to carry this study further some cold winter's night...we'll see.

It's August already and the summer has passed things I'd hoped to pursue. What's a person to do? Come back in another life and finish where you left off?!

I'm not pondering anything new am I...

Enjoy while it lasts.

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