Thursday, August 30, 2007

2007 Plein Air Artist Invitational

Spent the first half of the day working with the video camera on glacial morains, and kames, and kettleholes, taping Argiope Spiders wrapping prey in their webs; filming pioneer cemeteries in Osceola and O'Brien much fun can a person have in one day?!!

"Summer Pasture"
(Oil on canvas 9"X12")

When I got home I found out one of my paintings in the Plein Air Artist Invitational at the Pearson Lakes Art Center was chosen by the Judge as one of the award winners...another nice thing for the day!

I'll be spending my $100 winnings on the studio gallery, which just got set back a bit by the contractor again...maybe we'll lose that roof by October???

The "Summer Pasture" was my favorite piece of the summer, so it is only even more of a pleasant thing that the person judging the exhibit felt the same way.

Keep positive, efforts are often times unrecognized! If it pleases you and you give your best effort, it is still worthwhile, even if no one notices. Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

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