Thursday, June 17, 2010

On The Tallgrass

 Prairie Coreopsis and Prairie Phlox
(Coreopsis palmata and Phlox pilosa
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When I think of the prairie I think of grasses, forbs (wildflowers), birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates (insects).  As an artist, I work on what interests and inspires me...that's what anyone should do.  The tallgrass prairie interests me.

In this blog "Prairie Hill Farm Studio" you'll often see artwork...paintings, drawings, and photographs.  I also might occasionally spend a lot of time just talking about the habitat - the prairie; a preoccupation for this subject should be expected...otherwise, why would I be inspired by it?!

This is a segue of sorts for a journal I published online since 2002 - A Tallgrass Journal.  I'm transitioning this "journal" into a new blog I'll be posting on occasion.  The journal is about the tallgrass prairie and all that relates to it or is affected by it.  It's part commentary, part informative and part also about my personal experiences.

If you find an interest in the prairie - injected here and there in my "ramblings", consider wandering onto the tallgrass on occasion when the mood strikes your fancy.  You'll find out things happening here at Prairie Hill Farm that aren't discussed in the "Studio" blog.  I might share prairie related issues that exist here or region wide; for example I might share informative links on specific things relating to the prairie such as insects, plants, planting, burning, herbicides, and issues relating to these.

If you'd like a walk through the Tallgrass , visit and subscribe, follow or visit!

Yesterday morning was my first opportunity in 2-3 weeks to get out and walk the prairie myself...trying to pay bills is no fun!  But getting out is, and the morning was perfect for the camera...barely a breath of wind makes photographing grasses and forbs simply a pleasure!  

Porcupine grass (Stipa spartea)

I have a couple grasses here in our remnant pasture that are flowering and fruiting and at nearly the same time - one is Porcupine grass (Stipa spartea)...the other is Scribner's panic grass (Panicum oligosanthes).  But these grasses are nothing alike in appearance!  How can a simple grass inspire visually?  Well, much of what inspires can be subjective...subject to the "experience" or "landscape", and maybe that's too difficult to briefly discuss here - but both grasses inspire me for several reasons and I'd just say "come on over" and we'll take a look!  But come over soon as they'll be finished and done for the year soon...these are just a couple of a few cool season native grasses and will give way to the others, and then to the later warm season species here.

 Scribner's panic grass (Panicum oligosanthes)

In the mean time I'd just suggest - stop and take a real close look, even touch or step back and admire as well...there's a lot out there on the Tallgrass!

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