Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Evening Bliss

Cope's Gray Tree Frog
Hyla chrysoscelis

We've had some great evening ambiance here at Prairie Hill Farm this late spring. Each evening around dusk the Tree and Cricket frogs begin serenading below the north pasture. This makes for wonderful sleeping here when the serenade lulls us into that blissful state.

I love the sounds of nature
as well as the sights and smell. And I like to save the sounds and savor for other times - like in 3 feet of snow at 25 below zero! Ha! What better time to bring it back and listen to...warms up the soul!

But it's great now!
We're savoring it each evening we can, and we want to share it with you.

The Cope's Gray Tree Frog is found here
in the yard too, so I can occasionally get photos of them here. The Cricket Frogs are more secretive and are in the wetlands nearby here. They are the noisy ones...sound like a "steelie" tap, tap, tapping together constantly. The tree frogs are more mellow...a brief quick trill...not to high or too low. It's hard to describe, but I find it very pleasant.

Frogs don't call all
summer long; they call, sing...whatever you like to call it, only for a few brief's for procreation and then it's over. They're still out there, but we'll no longer hear them after their "time" is through.

Well...occasionally one will get a bur up it's hinny and sing out of the blue, but for the most part - when they're done, they're done! Too bad - they're fun to listen to!

The tree frogs
are almost finished with their singing season now, but the Cricket Frogs are at their peak and the Bull Frogs will begin their reign soon.

Please scan down to the video player below (it kinda gets lost on my black background blog page - if you are on my email list, the video/audio link will not show up - in that case please come to the blog site itself to listen in)

I'm attaching an audio file for you to listen to of the chorus here last week. Hope you enjoy!


HARE said...

What a lovely sounds!
I love these sounds. My garden has them too. We can hear soon.
I'm glad to you love small animals in the nature.^^

Prairie Painter said...

Aren't they wonderful Makiko! So good to hear you have and enjoy them too!

Linda said...

Hey, Bruce! I agree on the sounds of nature…very relaxing.

People here have NO idea what serenity is. They also don’t know what they’re missing. But ya can’t miss what you never had.

It would be too quiet, or the sound of 100’s of crickets and frogs, would be deafening to them. folks!

Thanks for the reminder, that there is still a ‘real world’ out there!!

Prairie Painter said...

I agree Linda, people don't know what they're missing when they've never experienced it.