Friday, June 4, 2010

Late Spring on the Tallgrass II

Large-flowered Beard Tongue
Penstemon grandiflorus
(click on photo for a larger image)

Wow, this is the first day it's felt like I remember June used to feel; we got lucky last night and actually had a good rain...first one in 2-3 weeks. Today is warm and humid, and I spent some time this morning feeding black flies and forking thistle in the native pasture.

The prairie is looking real good...the Porcupine Grass is forming it's "quills" and the different "panic grasses" are flowering as well.

But the real attention getter I like is on the gravel esker slope in the north pasture, the Large-flowered Beard Tongue. This is a real bumble bee magnet and I was hoping to get one in action climbing into the flower tube but had no takers this morning. About a half hour ago there was one showing off but I was indisposed at the moment...I do have some video footage of bumble bees and these penstemon, just no still shots. I'd say the Tallgrass season is definitely in full swing now - just gets better all summer long.

Looking forward to it!

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