Friday, April 10, 2009

Woodlands and Prairies

As I've mentioned before on this blog - Painting, Photography and the Tallgrass Prairie are passions of mine and it's a process. The prairie is an environment I fell in love with later in my life, and I fell hard. It now occupies my awaking time creative or not!

I am a proponent of wise land use...we didn't get it right for the tallgrass prairie - it is nearly gone...only one tenth of one percent is left in North's likely one of our most threatened habitats. About 3 years ago I came across a publication aimed at people like myself and
I would highly recommend it to anyone out there that is a steward of their land...whether it is a backyard habitat, a small wood lot, acreage, or prairie remnant. That's Woodlands & Prairies Magazine.

Woodlands & Prairies Magazine is about aesthetics of the land...something any living/breathing artist or naturalist (or just about anyone else) would appreciate. It's about good stewardship of the land...something any landowner worth their salt should be interested in. It's about looking toward the future generation's well being. It's about being smart with what God left in our possession for a finite period of time.

Last summer Publisher Rollie Henkes asked me if I'd agree to work on a web site for the publication. I do few web sites and the ones I do are only related to our natural heritage. I knew this magazine qualified whole heartedly for this mission and late this past winter we launched the web site. Get a feel for Woodlands & Prairies Magazine - check out the site! You can subscribe online too - and enjoy "ad free" reading...some pretty inspiring stories about those who understand what aesthetics of the land are all about!

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