Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring on the Tallgrass

It's now officially spring on the Tallgrass Prairie! The Pasque Flowers are in bloom.

I'm practicing "Phenology" again, as I mentioned back on the 24th of March. This year (in NW Iowa) things are a bit behind the rest of the fact we still have some good snow drifts along the black tops and back roads here today. But we may have broken the cold streak and turned the corner! Well, one can always hope.

I'm extremely tied up with freelance work at the moment and have not had any creative or even relaxed time lately, so I try and take advantage of those small windows of opportunity as they present themselves. Yesterday (Tuesday) I had to go to a meeting at the Prairie Heritage Center SE of here...if I went about an hour early I could stop along the way and check out the Pasque Flower progress and possibly get some pictures.

Except for the lack of more time I wasn't dissapointed, the flowers were up and the wind was down (lack of wind is almost unheard of around here!). There was more going on there than I could take advantage of so I'm hopeful of a return trip or two in the next couple weeks. I'm also hoping for some more windows of opportunity in general around here this spring...we all need those moments to our take in the natural world and charge the batteries!


d/iowa said...

i am DYING to see some flowers blooming! yours are beautiful.
none around here yet- i might need to roadtrip to your part of iowa..i need flowers! :)

Prairie Painter said...

Diane, you do have flowers in bloom right now, you do! The Pasques were blooming down in the Loess Hills a week or more'll just have to do some hiking. Any of the state preserves should have well as private properties. You need to look on the open hillsides.

Also Preparation Canyon should have early spring wildflowers along the hill tops and sides as well as in the timber...walk the trails, you may see Bloodroots and there may still be some Snow Trilliums in bloom there. The Dutchman's Breeches and Dog Toothed Violets will be coming on in the next couple weeks too possibly.

But "hey", road trips are always fun too!