Sunday, April 26, 2009

Herp Chorus

I've been mostly holed up in the studio today as the rain patters on the roof...something about tin roofs that brings to mind being outdoors camping. Love the sound and the sensation of it.

(Northern Leopard Frog)

I also love the sounds of the Chorus and Northern Leopard Frogs at this time of year! The first frogs to "sing" in our region of the prairie are the Western Chorus Frogs and Northern Leopard Frogs.

Many years ago when I was in my early teens I caught several Chorus Frogs and put them in a gallon jar and took them home. My mother (God bless her!) tolerated my habit of releasing frogs and toads in the basement of the house. I told her they'd help keep the silverfish and centipedes down (we lived in an older home). I hadn't released the Chorus Frogs yet though...don't remember why but just sat the jar in a corner by the furnace.

Later in the night my Dad woke up to noise coming up the furnace was still chilly at night in the spring and he thought the furnace fan was making the up , went downstairs to the basement and turned on the light. As soon as the light came on the noise stopped! He was puzzled but having been roused from a dead sleep he just turned the light out and went back upstairs and back to bed.

Sometime later the noise rising from the furnace ducts woke him again...back downstairs and on comes the light...the noise stops again! He's a bit miffed by now and wide awake so he looks around and there on the floor next to the furnace is a gallon honey jar full of frogs...Ha!

I always think of that when I hear Chorus frogs anymore! Just love it!

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If you've ever heard Chorus Frogs you know how they sound...very much like running your finger along a fine toothed comb. And Leopard Frogs kind of remind me of the noise made when you run your thumb along the surface of a balloon...with a few low grunts thrown in. Take a listen while watching the video above.

We're opening the windows at night now and catching a few "zzzzz's" with the neighborhood frogs serenading us...great ambiance!

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