Wednesday, January 14, 2009


No, I'm not Norwegian...Georgie is though, and although she doesn't exactly say it like that, she certainly makes it known "It's cold out there!" Well, I suppose it's not so bad compared to many winters past here or say, North Dakota or N Minnesota...International Falls was 36 below this morning compared to our mere 6 below (we are supposed to get near an actual 26 below tomorrow morning though).

The sun dogs were in full display this morning at sunrise, like so many cold mornings we experienced back before Christmas. I've been missing so many photo opportunities of sun dogs this winter that I decided to quick suit up and plow out to the south pasture fence a fast as I could to at least record this one.
I must admit the landscape wasn't exactly adding or contributing to making the image anything unusual or particularly inspiring; I guess if I have aspirations for a landscape image that'd hold up technically and artistically on it's own, I'd better get up before dawn and drive to a more eloquent location and hope for a good sun dog event...or maybe just file this all in the back of my mind for a future painting...!?

The acreage is in need of a few hours work to get blown out right now but since we do all the work and the forecast is talking about more high winds, I think we'll hold out for a couple days yet before cranking up the snowblower and arm and back muscles! I'll just stay in the studio for now and see if I can earn my keep that way.

Keep warm!


Diane L. Dodd said...

I was nominated for the Lemonade Stand Award today and I was instructed to nominate others- so you just got nominated my friend. See today's blog for details-

ps- I want to see sun dogs!

Prairie Painter said...

Diane! Lemonade will freeze out on the stand right now!

If you keep an eye on the sun all winter, you're almost sure to see sun dogs. But they are more dramamtic early in the morning or late afternoon, so you'll need a unobstructed view of the sky at those times.

I shot a B&W 4X5 of Moon Dogs back in the late 70's...that was cool! Have to see if I can locate the negative...