Friday, January 30, 2009

Finally Got It Done...

Well I finally got it done. My web site was nearly 7 years old and in bad need of revision and redesign. It was cluttered and neglected; I knew it but was too busy with other business to do anything about it. I kind of liken this to the plumber who's home has leaky faucets, or the electrician who has an exposed box in a wall - waiting for a finish!

I've cleaned up the old design and simplified it; it's now much simpler yet efficient (I hope). I've added more paintings from the past year. And I've also added nearly all the note card sets I offer.

To view artwork or cards just go through the "Our Artwork" link, this page will give you linked cues of the "Photography Gallery", the "Originals Gallery", the "Limited Editions Gallery" and the "Studio Gift Shop". Each is self explanatory except perhaps the Studio Gift Shop - it has the Note Cards and some of the less expensive and smaller Open Edition Prints. The Note Cards are accessed by clicking on the Note Card image, the others are more obvious.

Give the site a quick run through if you like, and any feedback is appreciated! I am trying to make it out here in the "wilderness" and any help is always appreciated! Thank you!


mary-klein said...

Your website looks great, Bruce - your efforts paid off!

Also, your Medford Avenue Bridge painting is gorgeous. I love the colors of the sky reflected in the bridges floor planks - very cool.

Hope your Groundhog's Day was a good one. Too bad about his shadow but that won't stop us from thinking spring :)

Prairie Painter said...

Thanks for your comments Mary, I really appreciate them. I admire your work and your words mean a great deal to me.

I'm pleased you mentioned the bridge planks, you're the first to do so.

Thanks again!