Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year!

2009! Wow, I'd like to say "Where did 08 go?", but I don't believe I'll miss it too just feels good to move on at this point. Not that I would ever wish time away (I did that too much when I was young), but there does come times when you really feel you need to look forward...just be thankful and mindful of the past year, it's blessings and bumps.

Georgie made a New Year's resolution to "just have fun each day" - I like that! I guess I won't worry about not having an original thought and just agree with her! It's funny how we take ourselves so seriously all the time and then, sooner or later find that it's just not working out. Enjoying the small things along the way would be a helpful boost for anyone through the year...I'm going to try and stay more in tune to that thought...nudge me if I forget!

Happy New Year!


Diane L. Dodd said...

i love your christmas card and new year hay picture! and georgie's resolution is great- i'm going to try that too :)

Prairie Painter said...

Thanks Diane; your dogs video was a riot by the way!