Monday, January 21, 2008

They Blew It!

Oh Happy Day! The insulation guys came and blew the rafters full! We now have R-50 in the rafters...of course the walls are much less, but at least now we're primed for the next venture...the ceiling.

We were lucky they showed up as we were having a good snowfall today, lasted all day. Woke up and spent the next hour and a half blowing the acreage out "just in case" they were able to come...and they did!

However, the first thing they told me was we didn't have enough up to hold the insulation's weight. So I spent most of the day trying to stay ahead of them while I nailed up lath between all the nailers, and reinforced other places under the rafters. So I didn't get to just sit and watch, but at least we got'r done.

We opted for the heavier insulation for only one reason - mice. This is a farm (acreage) and we have mice...plenty of 'em out and about. Mice can still manage to get in places regardless of what we do...maybe not in the working space, but the walls and rafters. The type of insulation we opted for is not appreciated by mice because of the fire retardant chemicals in has a track record of not being a favorite mouse medium, so we went that route.

Our Insulators were D&T Insulation from Spencer. Darwin and Tim were a good crew to do the work. I first met Darwin while he was blowing insulation back in the early 1980's. Darwin knows his business and is a pleasure to work with...I'm glad he fit me into his schedule as soon as we were ready!

Like I mentioned, the ceiling comes next. I'm not thrilled about it but Georgie and I will face the task and get through it...and once it's done - we are on the last working phase of this operation!

Well, we still need to get the electrician back so the switches and outlets can get wired, but we'll be on to the cozy comfort of heated inside work the rest of the winter!

Keep warm!

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