Sunday, January 13, 2008

Let's Blow this Puppy!

What a horrible last 3 days...or maybe we're getting a bit frazzled by all this!??

Georgie and I wrestled the "Monster" inside the building and got it attached to the rafters and then got the nailers for the ceiling applied below...took 3 days...sure doesn't look like it'd be that difficult, but 2 tired people with one step ladder can make things a trial of nerves.

The "Monster" is the poly (plastic) we had to hang, to seal the rafter space from the lower living/working space. This space will be blown full of insulation and we don't want it trickling back down out of this space...nor do we want precious heat (or cooling in the summer) to sneak up into it and cause loss and condensation.

We had to nail the poly up by hand...I'm afraid we have no nail guns or pneumatic hammers here...then we had to nail 1X4's up under the poly to help hold up the future insulation as well as provide "nailers" for the future ceiling.

None of it sounds hard. I just think we're getting weary and the step ladder needs to be 3 feet taller at times, and multiplied by two at all times...foot stools and chairs aren't good carpentry companions unless you want to rest!

We get to take a bit of a break for the time being. I now call the insulation guy to come over and blow our rafter space full...then we'll no longer heat the great outdoors!

Let's blow this puppy!

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