Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Studio continued...

It was a warm afternoon for a change...after being below zero yesterday morning, even the 20 degrees Fahrenheit was warm by comparison.

We're still looking for the furnace guy to return, and the electrician did call yesterday to say he's going to try and come this Thursday or Friday (!). But we have been holding back from some small chores because of the temperature out there, so when we got through with lunch we took advantage of the "heat wave".

We put up our "air chutes" above the soffits, one of the steps needed before the insulation can be blown in. Our next chore is to put in a barricade in front of the air chutes, to help insure the chutes don't budge and to prevent the insulation from coming in and covering the soffits. This can be anything we come up with like card board or whatever...it needs to be affixed so that they won't shift after the first insulation is blown in.

We have a little more snow than we had after the ice and sleet event...we're doing OK. Our thoughts and prayers do go out to everyone experiencing great difficulties due to the ice storm that hit quite a few states south of us however. God Bless!

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