Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Another Card Piece and GOOD News!

Here's another Christmas Card and an example of something larger coming out of it later. Both images are serigraphs.

The top image was the original inception; this image was the Christmas Card and was a 5 color image (31/2"X57/8").

The next image is a "cropped detail" from an 8 color serigraph that became the edition piece "Hunting Moon, Great Horned Owl".

The smaller serigraph was a favorite winter design that actually sold more as an open edition serigraph than I'd ever anticipated. It was one of those things that just fell together after I began the working on it; but I just could not get the idea of taking it further out of my mind, and shortly after made the edition of a night time scene out of it.

Truth told...I saw a bird in the tree when I first did the small card design. I saw the bird "figuratively", but it was there never-the-less. The idea of a night time scene has repeated itself on occasion (as you may remember in a past blog involving the pasture across the road here), and the Great Horned Owl was the subject of choice for me.

I mentioned "Good News" in the header...the electrician came!!!

He roughed in everything, so it's not finished, but now we're able to insulate the walls and get the ceiling started and prepare for the ceiling insulation work to be done.

Georgie and I started the process as soon as the electrician left...the furnace really warmed things up for us too! Great to have heat and get back into the Studio effort!

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