Monday, November 26, 2007

Studio Underfoot...

The studio portion of the plank floor has been completed, or maybe "constructed" is the proper description. This took quite a bit of time and work but should be easier than when we begin work on the gallery alley floor.

The gallery alley slopes for a much longer distance than the studio floor did. The studio floor dropped 1 3/4" from the entry end to the transition end (15 feet)...the gallery alley is probably 25%longer...and will drop at roughly the same rate.

I'm kinda partial to the salvaged condition of the floor (once roof) planks. They're as big as life with their knots and cracks, and "patina". We'll toy with the different ways to finish them, but I - for this moment - am leaning towards their present "character".

The only thing neither Georgie or I are not 100% positive of is whether or not there's enough salvaged planks to complete the entire gallery alley with? It'd be a nice bonus if there were, but after cutting out the unuseable parts of each board, we may end up short.

We'll start the gallery alley floor after the next 3 stages are finished (electrical, furnace, insulation/ceiling).

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