Saturday, November 17, 2007

Back to it!

Well I'd never guessed we'd be flooring already, but what can you do while there are no contractors around?!

We framed in the front floor yesterday and today, and sheeted it and just started laying planks. I'm amazed we're getting this done so soon. The roofing planks that we salvaged are really doing the job, but its slow going once we got to them...have to be fairly innovative to fit things together when they're old beat up, knot holed and cracked planks. But, hey this is really fitting for a project representing what the building once was.

This could go on a while, but once this east end is floored, we have to do the tricky gallery section...tricky because the level drops so much...the building is roughly 4" lower on the east end than the west! We don't want sudden "step down or ramps", we have to go gradual so as not the create a weird walking experience.

The furnace has been delivered but not yet installed. The electrician may show in a couple weeks...

...we'll just forge ahead while we have opportunities.

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