Monday, November 5, 2007

East End Redressed

We managed to get the east end redressed today...30-35mph winds driving us nuts, but that's par for the course here. It's not easy to reattach old siding to an aged building, but Georgie's pretty good at sorting that stuff out, and I had tried keeping everything in the right order.

We have now put in all 9 windows and the front door! We're fast approaching the time to get the electrician back in and wire the place and the furnace! We have only the west end to finish first, then we'll be ready for the weather! It was actually snowing (flurries) here tonight around 5:30 p.m.! Good grief...but it is that time of year!

The place looks in bad need of trim and paint...we'll try and address the trim issue in the next week or so...the paint may well be waiting for spring, as I've mentioned before.

Things are shaping up!


Casey Klahn said...

Thanks for posting your studio project, Bruce. I am following via e-mail subscription.

I live in farm country, too. Eastern Washington. I am struggling to get my new studio completed, which is a 12' x 60' house trailer that we bought for under $3,000. Now for electricity and flooring (half done).

Your out building remodel is an inspiration to me, but slow down - I can't keep up! (Just kidding)

Prairie Painter said...

That's a pretty good buy for the space Casey...good luck!!