Thursday, August 17, 2017

Mid August Already?!!

"Valley Anvil" - oil painting
© Bruce A. Morrison
OK, this is really getting ridiculous!  It can't already possibly be mid August; someone greased the skids and we're just not slowing down!
I had a small canvas on the easel since late July and kept getting called away from it.  Well I finally finished the piece "Valley Anvil" last week and have gone on to other business calling my attention.  The small painting (I nearly always work smaller 6X8", 9X12" and 12X16") because I'm not getting any younger and my attention span is showing it!
The past few days I tried desperately to find time to squeeze in a couple plein air paintings for an exhibit tonight at the Pearson Lakes Art Center at Okoboji, IA.  I did the first painting at an area recently purchased by the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, that I hadn't been to before - and really liked it!  I'll have to go again...make it a frequent location if I can.  
The second painting was my perennial favorite subject (hay bales)...thankfully a few farmers out there are pretty busy this time of the year and you can almost always find bales that have yet to be picked up and taken away!  I singled out a lone bale and made a morning of painting it.

I'll post these plein air pieces when I can after the exhibit's opening tonight.

Thank you for checking in; I'll do my best to be a bit more punctual the remainder of the summer and coming fall...but if things would just slow down!

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