Saturday, December 11, 2010

OK - Uncle!

 Blizzard view from the studio door

OK, I give up!  No leaving the premises today!  Anyone in the region knows what I mean; the blizzard did materialize and at this time the image above is what it looks like from the studio door (opened for a couple seconds)!  I cannot even make out a teeny bit of the house, which is only 75-80 feet away! 
Needless to say, the Holiday Open Studio was canceled this morning (Duh!).

But I'm taking this lemon and making lemonade!  Painting all weekend now...the wind is hitting 45-50 mph, so I don't even know when we'll start trying to dig out...let the fun begin!

Keep warm, stay safe!


Anthony Vodraska and Anita Gilbert said...

Wise decision, especially given those deep ditches along either side of the road leading to your place. I hope you turned up the music to drown out the sound of the wind and painted a scene of some warmer days.

Prairie Painter said...

Music and the heater fan running on my feet at the easel! :)