Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Open Studios and a Blizzard!

"Prairie Skies" © Bruce A. Morrison
9X12" - Oil on panel - available at McGee's Gallery in downtown Peterson, Iowa

"Holiday Open Studios" and a blizzard...all on the same day!!!  How's that for mother nature cooperating with us!

Yes - you too can enjoy a good old NW Iowa blizzard while attending Holiday Open Studios in NW Iowa!  :)

I'm actually showing at a friend's studio and gallery tomorrow...Saturday the 11th - McGee's Gallery in downtown Peterson, Iowa.  But the laid plans ya know...oh well, Barb has promised me homemade beef vegetable soup for lunch and you should see the things Georgie had fixed for me to take down there!  Also, I made (ya me!) my favorite treat for this time of year, coconut joys...dark chocolate in coconut.  

We may not see a lot of shoppers in our "Holiday Open Studios", but I think there's enough to stoke up on to keep warm while the snow's flying!   :)

It's raining pretty good right now, just got back from Hartley a few minutes ago...the forecast is this rain will start freezing sometime tonight and then the snow begins.  Then while it snows tomorrow the wind is supposed to kick up to 30-40 mph.  High winds, snow, ice underneath...I think I'll be eating more than selling paintings.

By Sunday morning I'm hearing we'll be below zero Fahrenheit, so I guess winter is starting before the solstice as usual.  Winter on the Tallgrass, gotta love it!  (What else can you do?)

Stay safe - see ya on the Tallgrass!


Anthony Vodraska and Anita Gilbert said...

Sorry we will miss the exhibition - can't even see past the end of the driveway now. But your blog picture warms the spirit and reassures us that Summer will indeed return.

Prairie Painter said...

Anthony! At least you can see your driveway! :) Stay warm!